Teen texting: It’s how they communicate

A recent study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that the percentage of teens who use text messaging to contact friends daily reached 54 percent in 2009, double that of 2006.

Girls, ages 14-17, where the most active text messengers, with up to 100 texts a day…double that of most other teens.

But, when is it too much? When is it important to put the phone down and have a real conversation? Is social interaction a lost art, given way to social networking?

Texting is this generations phone. Girls always talked more on the phone that boys…that doesn’t come as such a big surprise. What concerns me is the fact that there is no “shutting down” and giving oneself time off from the electronics.

It’s important to teach teens that being out of touch (with friends, that is) for a brief period of time, is okay. It’s of the utmost importance to remind them that waking up in the middle of the night to answer a text is not a great idea, as they will be less productive in school and more likely to be emotionally vulnerable.

Ask your teens what they are texting. Ask to see it and talk about who they are texting too. Set limits on the usage.

Put your own phone down and have a conversation with your teens….just text them first to make sure they are free. 🙂


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