Addiction and Its Impact

The music industry lost a great voice this past week when Amy Winehouse died.  She has had a long, and very public, struggle with addiction.  Ultimately, at  time when she may have actually been turning her life around, it lead to her death.

There was another great loss over the past month in the fight of addictions.  Betty Ford, a pioneer in treating addictions, died.  Betty Ford did so much for women in this field by using her own experiences to help others.  While she was a person in the public eye, she did not hide from sharing her own demons with others, expressing how her addiction to painkillers and alcohol impacted her life and fighting to get proper treatment options to help women.

I was lucky enough to speak about her on The Early Show, and to talk about her impact in the field of addiction treatment.  Although her work was not enough to save Amy Winehouse, it certainly has saved countless others.;lst;5

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