Bullying: How do we get it to stop?

Bullying is an age-old problem that continues to be pervasive, not only in our society, but also around the world. Generally, if you are different, you are a potential target for bullying. In the worst case of all, children and teens feel there is no option other that to take their own lives.

We have been hearing about bullying more and more every day. Only this week there was another suicide related to depression and anxiety secondary to bullying. Additionally, a cognitively disabled boy was tattooed by older students who promised that they wouldn’t pick on him anymore if he allowed them to tattoo him. He ended up with profane words and images across his buttocks, and who knows what kind of trauma.

It begs the question about what is happening in society that these types of behaviors continue to happen, often so relentlessly. What are the adults missing? How can we be more involved, more effective and, ultimately, more helpful to our children?

Dr. Michelle Borba wrote an excellent blog entry on this topic, and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Here’s the link:

I also spoke on CBS’ The Early Show about the recent tattooing case in New Hampshire, earlier this week.


It’s so important to try to figure out how to address these behaviors. They certainly seem to be getting worse, not better, and the children are suffering.

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Could you point me to the direction of an organization in my area that deals with this type of problem? My 7-year-old just told me that she wishes she would die because she’s being bullied really bad at school. Please help. Thank you.