Committing to your resolutions

I enjoyed meeting Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, and participating in a segment with her this morning about strategies to really accomplish the goals you set for 2011, and ways to ensure you get past February with your resolutions.

A couple of quick tips:Make a list of the things you want to address in the upcoming year, and pick the top 3-5 on which to focus.Be sure to make the goals concrete.  Something too big and unclear will be hard to accomplish.Reward yourself: use as sticker chart, make a list and check things off, small tokens to keep you motivated.Find support wherever you can.Hold yourself accountable.

Stay focused on making the positive changes you want to make and take the first step toward achieving those goals.
Gretchen has some great tips and I highly recommend her book if you want some additional suggestions.  Also, check out her website:

Here’s the clip from this morning:


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