Examining “Parasocial Relationships”

What it means to be in a Parasocial Relationship

Parasocial relationships can be defined as a one-side relationship where someone personally connects with or engages with a media personality or celebrity—it’s a belief in which someone feels they really know this person, when in actuality, they don’t. It’s the belief that there is a real relationship there.

This term is not new and has been around for years. However, social media has added another element to this by providing constant updates from these personalities. Celebrities and influencers are sharing their lives in much more detail, more often, so we feel more connected, in ways that we haven’t felt before.

Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, family clinical psychologist of Hartstein Psychologist Services, joins the NBC News Now Mental Health Check, where she discusses how this concept is not uncommon and it’s not unhealthy.

Watch now to find out why some aspects of Parasocial relationships aren’t all that bad, and learn the positive and negative effects of personally connecting to influential personalities.

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