Harnessing the Power of Daydreaming

Do you ever find yourself getting lost in your thoughts? A recent Harvard Study found that adults spend nearly half of their waking hours daydreaming. Some people might view this as a distraction or a waste of time, but some researchers say that letting your mind wander can actually be a good thing.

Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Jennifer Hartstein of Hartstein Psychologist Services, joins the NBC News Now Mental Health Check segment, to explain how daydreaming can be beneficial.

There is something called Positive Constructive Daydreaming, which is when we are done with a task or in between tasks, and we are able to let our minds wander allowing us to be more reflective about something and come up with new ideas, new solutions, or have a new perspective.

Watch now as Dr. Jen discusses how when you allow yourself to let your mind wander and you least expect it, you can learn something new.

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