How Extreme Heat Impacts our Mental Health + Super Agers

Dr. Jennifer Hartstein joins the Mental Health Check-in on NBC News Now to discuss two interesting topics. In this segment, they take a closer look at how the current heat wave could be impacting not just our bodies, but our brains too. Plus, they discuss this new concept of “Super Agers,” which are people in their 80s who are keeping their minds sharp.

Clinical psychologist, Dr. Jennifer Hartstein of Hartstein Psychologist Services, joins the NBC News Now Mental Health Check segment, to explain it all.

Watch now as she discusses how the extreme heat that millions of people are experiencing in the US is having significant effects on mental health. We know the heat can impact our physical health, but what is it doing to our mental health and are there ways we can protect our minds during this time?

Plus, a new study is out that followed the brain activity of people over 80 years old, but have the mental sharpness of someone 30 years younger or more. What are the factors that can contribute to a sharper mind and what can we take away from this study? Watch now and learn what you can do now to set yourself up for a healthier lifestyle in your 80s.

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