Identifying Eating Disorders in Young Kids

Whether its broccoli, fish or Brussels sprouts, we all know or have kids who are fussy with their food, but what if your dinnertime troubles are more than just a phase that your kids will grow out of?

A fairly new eating disorder called Avoidance Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), is becoming more common in kids and it can lead to poor growth, poor nutrition, and can result in behavioral or cognitive problems down the line.

Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, family clinical psychologist of Hartstein Psychologist Services, joins the NBC News Now Mental Health Check, to discuss this new eating disorder and how it is effecting young kids.

ARFID is different than a regular eating disorder because it’s more to do with an aversion to food. It can be a negative sensory experience such as having weird textures or smells, or it can be a negative experience such as choking on something.

Kids with ARFID are really picky eaters, but it’s not a typical development issue that they will grow out of. It’s the type of disorder that will grow with them, so it’s something we need to watch out for.

Watch now as Dr. Jen discusses some signs to look for and how you can help your child work through this issue.

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