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Media Appearances

April is National Stress Awareness Month

Dr. Jennifer Hartstein joins NBC News Now Mental Health Check to to discuss the signs of too much stress, the differences between good stress and bad stress, and how people can learn to manage and address their stress. 

TODAY Goes Back to School

The transition from elementary to middle school can be transformative, from switching classes to interacting with peers on social media. Dr. Jennifer Hartstein discusses ways to effectively communicate with kids about this and what they should expect.

Breaking The Stigma: You Are Not Alone

Psychotherapist Dr. Jennifer Hartstein joins Cindy Hsu of CBS New York, who sat down with Dana Tyler to share her personal battle with depression in hopes of helping others who might be going through similar situations.

TODAY Special: Mind Matters

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, Carson Daly sits down with kids and experts on TODAY to discuss the toll the pandemic has taken on their mental health.

How Do I Know if My Teen Is OK?

In the pandemic, many of the traditional measures that indicate a teen is thriving have been rendered irrelevant. Jennifer Hartstein, an adolescent psychologist in New York who specializes in anxiety and depression, said that in the absence of “age-old markers” of wellness, “we have to pivot and look at kids differently.”