Mental Health Improvement is Top New Year’s Resolution for Gen Z

According to a new study by Forbes, mental health improvement is a top new year’s resolution for Generation Z. We have a shift this year because the younger generations are talking about mental health more than previous generations, who are more focused on physical health and losing weight.

Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, family clinical psychologist of Hartstein Psychologist Services, joins NBC News Now to weigh in on this and discusses why the younger generation is putting such a big emphasis on mental health versus other new year resolutions such as physical fitness or making more money.

Also, another study has shown that 40% of women are not receiving the mental health support they need, despite the growing demand and online services now available for mental health treatment.

Watch now as Dr. Jen discusses why women can’t get the help they need and why it’s important for women to be able to access mental health support.

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